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About us - Golden Saigon Travel

Ngày đăng : 09:00:22 11-09-2017

Golden Saigon Travel has more than 8 years of experience in operating tourism with passion for travel and service considerate, thoughtful, professional, always trusted and loved by customers.




Parallel with the quality factor is different criteria, unique to the product on the market. This is a core element to bring attraction to visitors. In addition to the traditional Golden SaigonTravel tours, the focus is on thematic products, special products, differentiated from the market to bring "specialties" that can not be found anywhere, except for Golden SaigonTravel.

The professionalism and enthusiasm of the tour guide team is the third factor that makes the professional style of Golden SaigonTravel. Tour guides play a very important role and decide the success of the tour, so the training and training of the guide staff of Golden Saigon Travel never stop before the peak season, but also after each The trip is focused on evaluating and drawing experience for all guides' teams to improve knowledge of event handling, updating latest information at destinations, especially new and rare products. there are in the tourist market.


Customer service policy from consulting support, pre-trip information, gift policy during the trip and phone calls to each visitor after the trip. This has created a close bond between Golden SaigonTravel and loyal customers. This is the reason, the number of guests returning to Golden Saigon Travel from the third time up accounted for nearly 50% of visitors to the annual tour.




Why choose Golden Saigon?

Save time

With professional staffs who are passionate about tourism, many years of working in tourism, fast and dedicated. Know the details of each tourist product, always listen to and provide the most accurate consultation for you. All inquiries, inquiries are answered within 24 hours.

Best price

All prices on our website are transparent, not hidden in each service. We all specify what the service price consists of. Attached is to inform customers about the latest information about each service or offer related to the package that you request.
It is possible that our prices for each of our products are not the cheapest in Vietnam but we assure you always receive the most reasonable price.



In addition to the tour programs posted on the website of Golden Saigon Travel, we also welcome and endorse your requests to make the tour program (travel products) more diverse.
We always understand that no one but yourself knows what you need. So your suggestions are always the key to making a very unique travel product for individuals, different groups. The more detailed information will help you to have a perfect travel product.

Warm attitude

You enjoy the trip with a team of professional quality staff of Golden Saigon Travel. Each of your requirements is considered as a problem for all of us to try our best to satisfy our customers. We are simply like a companion. We are always willing to listen, understand and flexible in all situations for our customers. Always be your reliable companion.

We would like to provide you with the latest information about Vietnam tourism. The staff of Golden Saigon Travel always respect and welcome you to answer.
We are not only a travel company but also your companion. Select us, which means that you are working directly with a professional travel company and a  reliable companion.


Popular destinations in Vietnam are the strengths of Golden Saigon Travel:


vung tau
Vũng Tàu

Đà Lạt

Phan Thiet

Nha Trang


Ninh Bình

Ha Noi

Hạ Long Bay



17  Lê Văn Sỹ St, Ward 3, District 3, HCMC
Tel:(+84 28) 35.262829 
Website: goldensaigontravel.com



General Director

Nguyen Duc Thuan

Hotline 0982.078.510