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Where can men buy big size clothing sports , shoes in Ho Chi Minh City ?

Ngày đăng : 15:15:47 08-03-2020

Where can MEN buy big size clothing sports , shoes  in Ho Chi Minh City?

Due to the physical characteristics of Asians, Europeans cannot fit into clothes, shoes and sandals while in Vietnam. Asian clothing sizes are much smaller than Europeans. So where do you go in Ho Chi Minh City to find sports clothes, shoes, sandals that fit your body ???
Knowing this limit, the AMI GARMENT store was established and provided a full range of sportswear, shoes and large sandals for all Europeans in general and Asians in particular. Help you not to worry about having no clothes to wear while traveling in Vietnam or living here.

What products does AMI GARMENT CAOTO sell?
At store AMI GARMENT CAOTO , we focus on providing big size sport clothing and shoes for men with three essential goods 
People with large bodies wear shirts from Size XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL. Moreover, Shop Ami Garment also has many good clothes and many different models, customers can come and find for themselves the appropriate shirts for you. THERE ARE ALL TYPES OF TENNIS, SHIRTS, ROUND SHIRT, CLOTHING, BIG SIZE SHORTS ...You can see more models as below.

Products up to size 5XL towards customers that "Everyone has nice shorts at AMI GARMENT CAO TO".
The shorts are made of cloth material, specialized in sport, lightweight, diverse designs suitable for sports such as gym, jogging, tennis ...

aha shop
Bigsize Nike
mandarins outside


Currently, sport is the trend of modern life, from which sports fashion also ascended to the throne, including sports shoes. To have enough health for this hustle and bustle life, most people go to the gym more or less, from young people to adults to participate in sports to train flexibility toughness of the body.

So the important thing for effective sports training is to need good sneakers. Ami Garment Garment Shop introduces customers to the Everlast line of genuine specialized sports shoes that are sold at surprisingly low prices.

Development orientation of Ami Garment

1. Quality Priority:
Currently, in order to compete on the Internet, cheap online shops often import poor quality goods but take very eye-catching pictures to sell online goods in the form of "Eat At A Stopped". AMI GARMENT Shop carefully selects suppliers as prestigious sporting goods manufacturing partners. Customers of AMI GARMENT shop no longer have to use the high quality DUAL products which are more expensive but not equal in quality.

2. After Sales Service:
All other products purchased at the shop are warranted, discount coupons for patrons.

3. Trust:
AMI GARMENT Shop has been operating, has a long experience in providing sports products since 2008 and continues to be a trusted purchase address of customers.

The business perspective of AMI GARMENT shop is "putting product quality criteria first, customer satisfaction is the goal of the development orientation of the AMI GARMENT shop team."

How to customers talk about us?

and there is some pictures about us: 

bigsize men's tennis pond

How to contact us?

Ami Garment Shop is always ready to advise the most enthusiastically to choose for you a product that suits you that you are most satisfied.

AMI GARMENT is a familiar address for customers who prefer quality products, foreign customers also choose to visit AMI GARMENT as a reliable address.

AMI GARMENT Tan Binh Shop Address : 
132/11 Hoang Hoa Tham (new number: 96 Le Trung Nghia), F.12, Tan Binh District, HCM

(Go to the alley 132 Hoang Hoa Tham 100m, look to the left to see the green Ami Garment)


Contact: - 0982.078.510 - 028.6653.9009


Working time: 8h30 - 21h, 7 days a week

  Footwear and Sports Fashion

Instant Messaging 090 244 00 94 - 0982 078 510 (Support Zalo throughout the working time)

Note: Shop often has new models. Conditional customers should visit the Shop to see and experience the product.


Hotline 0982.078.510